The TAT7 Case Lets Your iPhone Go Underwater to Take Pictures

Underwater cameras are not always as good as advertised. Just ask my brother, who might have (read: definitely) ruined his camera when we were in the Caribbean last fall. I told him not to throw it off that cliff! As more and more people migrate from digital cameras to the upgraded camera on their iPhones (source: me), there is a market for an underwater camera case for the iPhone. Now, thanks to the new TAT7, you have an option to take photos and videos at up to 100 feet underwater (via Crave). Apple will now find a way to sell iPhones to octopuses octopi (I just wanted an excuse to write octopi).

The TAT7 has 3 buttons that let you 1) take a picture/video 2) switch between picture or video mode and 3) hit the iPhone home button. You can’t swipe the screen, so no texting to your scuba instructor “Where the hell are you?!”

TAT7 (via TAT7)

Just make sure that you don’t have your phone auto-locked, or else you can’t really access anything. Also, make sure you turn off any alarms you might have (“Return to surface”). As my brother found out the hard way, if something goes wrong and your iPhone gets ruined, the case maker is not responsible.

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  1. krou says:

    This is amazing- To anyone reading, this would be a perfect gift for ME- thx in advance:)

  1. 2012/05/18

    […] are various iPhone cases out there that waterproof, such as the TAT7. But they are all pretty bulky. Meet the Case Marine, the 0.25mm thick iPhone case that somehow […]