Twitter Toilet Paper – Wipe Your Butt With Your Favourite or Most Hated Tweets

No prizes for guessing this, but if you made Twitter toilet paper, what would you call the product? If you guessed “Shitter”, you win! Thanks to Shitter, you can order rolls of toilet paper with either great and funny tweets, or terrible ones that you want to flush down the toilet (via Crave). Or if you have problems going on the toilet, perhaps motivational bowel movement tweets – if those don’t exist, that’s an untapped market.

The Shitter TP rolls get 4 tweets per sheet, which means reading the tweets might make your trips to the bathroom that much longer. With the speed of which tweets become irrelevant, you’d better make sure you pick some timeless ones, not the “I’m going to see Radiohead tomorrow. So excited #Radiohead #OMG!” tweets. Speaking of which, do you remember that Kid Rock video in which he had a roll of Radiohead toilet paper which he wiped his ass with? Wait, who is Kid Rock?

Shitter (via

Head over to the awesomely named to check out Shitter’s products.

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