Harvard educated. Illuminati members. Blacksmiths. The PeteHatesMusic team is none of these. PeteHatesMusic is an indie music blog based out of Toronto and Ottawa in Canada. We clearly LOVE music, which is why our name is so goddamn clever. PeteHatesMusic is where you find your favourite new band… and if you don’t find your favourite new band here, you’ll find some hilarious cat videos.

We write about mainly indie stuff, lots of rock (that isn’t Nickelback), and some electronic and hip hop tracks. If you see something posted on PeteHatesMusic that is your property or copyright protected, DO NOT TELL YOUR LAWYER! Kindly email us, and we’ll take it down – promise!

If you make music you think we’d like, send us a link to it (don’t send mp3s to us). If you want to invite us to review a gig or festival, send us an email and immediately become our new best friends (and only friends actually). If you don’t hear back, it’s comparable to every girl we’ve tried emailing – we just aren’t into you. It might take awhile for us to post it, as we’re still figuring out how to use these darn computers.

Remember: music makes the world go round, so buy music, see live shows and live an enriched life.
Pete: [email protected] – your general/everything contact
Rich: [email protected] – your Weekend Music / dance / electronic contact

PeteHatesMusic in the Media and Other Places We Shouldn’t Be

Pete was nominated for Music Journalist/Blogger of the Year in the 2013 Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards. Billboard wrote about it, too.

We were featured in the Guardian. Twice.

We won Best Music Blog in the 2012 (6th Annual) Canadian Blog Awards.

We were shortlisted for Best Pop Culture and Entertainment site in the 2012 Canadian Weblog Awards.

Toronto radio legend and music geek Alan Cross has featured our articles several times.

We also pop up in the Irish Times, MTV Brazil, and other random places.

Pete ate his weight in gummi bears, but the photos are still in possession of the hospital.