Two Awesome, Satirical Olympic Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

The London 2012 Olympic Games have been going for about a week, and like any major event, there is controversy abound. Two of the major ones have spawned their own Twitter accounts, both of which are quite hilarious. The first controversy and related Twitter account deals with the empty seats at the stadiums. Despite being sold out, many events have had rows and entire blocks of seats that have been empty. It has led to complaints from people who tried to buy tickets, not to mention that it looks terrible on TV. This led to @OlympicSeat, whose name is “The Empty Seat” and the tagline is “I feel nothing but emptiness.” Oh, I can relate (sad face). Favourite tweets of mine include:

Another controversy, which we briefly discussed yesterday, involves US television station NBC, and their delayed Olympic coverage, such as the Opening Ceremonies. Another mock Twitter account has popped up, called @NBCDelayed, and provides – you guessed it – hilarious tweets that NBC are pretty much running. Follow these 2 accounts for some laughs over the next 2 weeks.

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