File This Under ‘Essential’: Headphones for Cats

My old cat used to run to the speakers with curiosity, while I visibly suffered through another run through of my brother’s Jingle Cats album. If only my cat had headphones! This was a thought that never crossed my mind. This is why I am a broke blogger and Sol Republic are about to be rich – they have “invented” the world’s first headphones for cats (via Gizmodo). And hey, it’s only $999. If only they were real!

What you’ll notice in the “infomercial” below is that the guy has great difficulty actually putting the headphones on the cat – surprise! This cat actually reacts better than most cats when you try to touch their ears though – I usually end up with a bloody arm. If you’re worried that your cat won’t like the headphones, fret not – they are “made by cats for cats.” Beats by Dre for Cats, coming right up. Check out the satirical video right meow.

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