Case Marine is an Ultra Thin Waterproof iPhone Case That is Magical

There are various iPhone cases out there that waterproof, such as the TAT7. But they are all pretty bulky. Meet the Case Marine, the 0.25mm thick iPhone case that somehow protects it from water (via Gizmodo). It’s so thin, it’s invisible! able to have another case fit on top of it.

Nerdy technical details: the Case Marine is made from polyurethane with a clear acrylic panel, which covers up the phone’s display, as well as the headphone jack, the charger slot, etc. So that’s a slight drawback, but if you need to charge your phone while underwater, you’re just a needy bitch.

The best part? Like my make up, it only takes a few seconds to put on. And it works for both the iPhone and the Galaxy S2. And it works up to 10m deep, with full access to the display, so you can play Draw Something while doing underwater somersaults, trying to impress that hot mermaid. The lite version of the case will set you back about $10, while the more comprehensive premium version is $38, and covers up the back camera. An iPad cover is coming soon, too.

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