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Nirvana unplugged

Nirvana and Kurt Cobain: What Could’ve Been

Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain committed suicide 20 years ago (April 5), joining the Forever 27 club, with members Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, and since joined by Amy Winehouse. Nirvana were arguably one of the most...

Jingle Cats - Meowy Christmas

A Dissertation on Jingle Cats

Twitter: @PeteHatesMusic One day in 1992, Mike Spalla quit his job to dedicate himself wholeheartedly to his craft – his music. As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of his first release (1993), it bears mentioning that he has been played on...

Serial Joe at Woodstock '99 (Copyright: PeteHatesMusic)

The Rise and Fall of Serial Joe

Twitter: @PeteHatesMusic Fans of a certain age in the Greater Toronto Area, and perhaps other parts of Canada, will have certain memories and nostalgia when I mention this band: Serial Joe. The band received the reaction that a lot of...