PeteHatesMusic Interviews CHVRCHES

During the whirlwind Canadian Music Week, in which we covered shows all 6 nights, we managed to interview the very friendly and very talented band, CHVRCHES. As you may know, we’ve done many interviews before, but this was our first video interview. We made several rookie mistakes, including having the mic too far away from THE PEOPLE TALKING. Below are both the video and some text of some of the more interesting (and slightly inaudible) parts of the interview, so you don’t miss anything band mates Martin Doherty, Iain Cook, and Lauren Mayberry said.

CHVRCHES with toques (Copyright: PeteHatesMusic / Martin Bazyl Photography)

CHVRCHES had better wear these Canadian toques in their next music video… (Copyright: PeteHatesMusic / Martin Bazyl Photography)

We hope you enjoy the first of hopefully many more video interviews, and you don’t troll with too many negative comments, as my therapy bill cannot possibly eat into any more of my budget. Check out the PeteHatesMusic video interview with CHVRCHES (and turn up the volume!), where we do some gift giving, learn where not to walk in Glasgow, and attempt to recruit Lauren to do interviews for PeteHatesMusic.

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PeteHatesMusic Interviews CHVRCHES


Martin: SXSW and the rest of these shows, it feels like we fit 4 weeks of work into 2. But no more was that present in Austin. We were on the go constantly, getting up first thing.

On Touring North America vs. the UK

Iain: In some ways it (moving climates/timezones) makes it more exhausting, you’re in a really hot dressing room, then you go outside and its freezing or snowing.

On Who Sings What Songs (Lauren or Martin)

Lauren: I think it helps that we all sing in the live shows, and you (Martin) have sung previously in other projects. So I think it’s good to have a lot of stuff in our arsenal, so we’re not always relying on one person all the time. Hopefully it gives us more ebb and flow, more depth to our sound. More options.

On How the Remixes for St. Lucia and Ultraista Came About

Martin: They just came through and asked us. I thought as soon as the Ultraista one came through, I was really excited because of Nigel Godrich and his involvement in the project. I was a really big Radiohead fan when I was younger; I still am.

On the Band Recommendation ‘Daughter’

Lauren: They seem very nice, also. Nice and talented. (sarcasm) It’s pathetic.

Martin: Label mates, now.

Lauren: Yeah, but it doesn’t mean we know them. It would be lovely if I could ring them up ‘Hey, can you come ‘round for tea?’


CHVRCHES are opening for Depeche Mode for four of their European tour dates, and swing by Toronto to play The Hoxton (right by my house if they want to do another interview, hintity hint hint) on June 12. Full tour date info is on their Tumblr.

CHVRCHES – Recover

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