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New Soundgarden Album Out in November

Chris Cornell has gone back to his ex-lovers, Soundgarden, and after a successive (read: profitable) tour, the band have recorded an album. This is old news, I know. But what’s new is the release date – November 13 (via Consequence of Sound). No word on the album name or tracklisting, or whether or not it retreads enough 90s ground to rope in all of the old fans.

Noel Gallagher Had to Give Permission for Liam’s Beady Eye to Play Wonderwall

I’m actually quite surprised that Beady Eye played this copyright game with Noel Gallagher, considering the egos at stake. As heavily rumoured, Noel Gallagher did in fact turn down an Olympic Closing Ceremony performance slot (via NME). Also, Noel was a bit of a prick about Beady Eye’s reworking of the track.

Noel spoke to XFM about the Wonderwall recording and said “They had to re-record it and then send it to me. I did play a bit of cat and mouse with them for a few days – I took it until Friday night at 10 o’clock before I said yes and they were shitting it. Not Beady Eye, the organisers. Because I had to say yeah and I was like ‘Meh, it’s alright, I’m not sure with this new string arrangement’ and they were like, ‘Fuck! The gig’s on Sunday,’ so I was like ‘OK, alright, you can have it then’.”

Why didn’t Beady Eye just play one of their hits? Oh yeah.

Jay-Z’s Made in America Festival to Be Made into a Ron Howard-Directed Documentary

He’s everywhere these days, constantly adding to his busy schedule. But he’s going to be juggling the Arrested Development reunion stuff so that he can direct Jay-Z’s Made in America festival. He is Ron Howard, and he’s actually not that busy, but he’ll be happy if he only reads my first two sentences. Jay-Z’s Sept 1 and 2 festival, with bands like Pearl Jam, Passion Pit, Run-DMC, Santigold, and Miike Snow will be getting the Oscar winner to direct the untitled documentary (via MTV). And now that Jay-Z has a baby, there will be more diapers than dope in the dressing room – boring!

British Man Get Four Years in Prison for Linking to Pirated Material

Anton Vickerman has become the first UK citizen to face jail time for providing links to pirated video content (via Digital Trends). His site,, provided links to pirated television shows and movies. It is estimated that Vickerman was making £35,000 per month from the site. Vickerman was charged with and convicted on charges of “conspiracy to facilitate copyright infringement.” He could’ve faced up to 10 years in jail, but after giving the judge the first season of Breaking Bad episodes, it was reduced to 4 years.

This flies in the face of the ruling in the US last week, when MyVidster was found not guilty of providing links, with the judge noting that is just providing entertainment listings, like the New Yorker. I’m pretty sure the New Yorker isn’t providing movie listings to illegal, underground theatres though.

Watch! Green Day – Oh Love

Remember that mainstream first single by Green Day that Millar loved so much? Like pretty much every single, it now has an accompanying video. It features a bunch of sultry looking women dancing and then watching the band playing their ultra poppy song. And pretty much nothing of significance happens – sounds like the video is about my life.

MTV has it so that the video is for US viewers only, but someone uploaded it to YouTube, so that video is below the MTV one. If you don’t have Ambien, then this is the next best thing.

Green Day – Oh Love

Green Day – Oh Love

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  1. 2012/08/21

    […] the end of last weekend, Soundgarden announced their first new album since before I started getting a deep voice would be out on November 13. Clearly not trying to […]

  2. 2012/08/21

    […] the end of last weekend, Soundgarden announced their first new album since before I started getting a deep voice would be out on November 13. Clearly not trying to […]

  3. 2012/08/27

    […] fans ended up watching them on the screens on the main stage. The band played two new songs – Oh Love, as well as Stay the Night. Check out some BBC-captured footage of Stay the Night, off of ¡Uno!, […]