Make Your Ears Happy! April 4, 2016 Edition

It’s everyone’s favourite time. No, not sponge bath for Grandma, but a new edition of Make Your Ears Happy. Odd that the artwork for one of the pieces is a giant mouth, not a pair of happy ears, but we’re not at that level of cross-promotion just yet.

Islands - The Joke

We have the latest tunes from Aquilo, Tim Hecker, and more – lots of instrumental stuff this time around. Hit play, and let happiness reign.

Islands – The Joke
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Select Previous Posts: Hallways
A minimalist description: A solid indie rock song with a sense of urgency. You can dance to this fun little ditty.

Holy Fuck – Xed Eyes
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A minimalist description: Messed up rhythms and beats, with distorted vocals, but somehow catchy

Gold Panda – In My Car
Location: London, England
Select Previous Posts: Time Eater, 4, and Thailand Chord Droner
A minimalist description: Several different rhythms are introduced and then layered to great effect.

Tim Hecker – Black Phase
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Select Previous Posts: Castrati Stack, Virginal II, and Amps, Drugs, Mellotron
A minimalist description: Buzzy ambient noise artist Tim Hecker does what he does best – buzzy, ambient noise (but now with some minimalist backing vocals at times)

Below is a bonus track, due to the stubbornness of Playmoss (the playlist maker) not adding the song below.

Aquilo – Silhouette
Location: Lancashire, England
Select Previous Posts: I Gave It All, Human, and Good Girl
A minimalist description: This duo excels at delicate, emotional songs, and this is vintage Aquilo. Another winner

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