Listen! Gold Panda – 4

Gold Panda had one of his (remixed) songs named on the PeteHatesMusic Songs of 2011. How would the British DJ release any music with the mounting pressure on him because of our list? Well, he slyly put up a song on SoundCloud, hoping we wouldn’t notice it. Well we did, and guess what – we like the instrumental number. Called 4, Gold Panda totally ripped off Beyonce noted this on the SoundCloud song:

“a track I made on a korg es-1 in about 10mins and jammed out for my mate called “Infinite Livez” to freestyle on at a last minute gig/dj set thing in Berlin a while back and I hadn’t eaten much and also had to dj and I’m a shit dj but I just played a bunch of records anyway and Inf’ helped me out by freestyling for me. He’s a nice bloke and a great artist. I just made a cup of tea. Maybe I’ll invite him over.”

Listen – and download – the track, 4, below. Let’s hope that his mate gets that tea invite.

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