Make Your Ears Happy! March 29, 2016 Edition

After successfully overdosing on raw rabbit meat Easter eggs, we have still found time to post a playlist of some great, new tracks.

M83 - Junk via YouTube screen cap

Here are 5 tracks in the easy to digest playlist format (and 1 bonus track) for you to help make your ears happy. Check out new stuff from M83, The Last Shadow Puppets, and more below.

The Last Shadow Puppets – Aviation
Location: England
A minimalist description: Combine Arctic Monkeys’ singer Alex Turner, former singer of The Rascals Miles Kane, and the man behind Arcade Fire’s strings (and Polaris Prize winner himself) Owen Pallett, and you get this swirling mess of duets and crazy strings.

Mark Pritchard (feat. Thom Yorke)- Beautiful People
Location: England / Australia
A minimalist description: Not sure that I have ever posted a Thom Yorke song. Oh wait, I am obsessed with him, and glad to hear anything that he touches. The Radiohead singer features in electronic artist Mark Pritchard’s latest track, with its mid-tempo groove, and looping woodwind beat.

M83 – Solitude
Location: France / USA
Select Previous Posts: Recent track Do It, Try It, plus Midnight City and Reunion
A minimalist description: Slow, dreamy, string-laden, and spacey

Mogwai – Bitterness Centrifuge
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Select Previous Posts: Recent tracks Ether and U-235, plus Teenage Exorcists
A minimalist description: Slow, atmospheric instrumental stuff from one of the best in the business

The Dirty Nil – Wrestle Yü To Hüsker Dü
Location: Dundas, Ontario, Canada
Select Previous Posts: Cinnamon, plus a live show reviewA minimalist description: Sure, we posted this track over 2 years ago, but there is a video now! Slow, grungy rock, which reminds me a bit of a harder Weezer at times

This last song won’t see to get added to the playlist above, but it is more interesting, minimalist piano stuff from Montreal composer Jean-Michel Blais. His album is out April 8, and he plays April 8/15/22 at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Check out Il below.

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