Listen! Aquilo – Good Girl

While I was on a three week, Atlantic Canada road trip, the music world kept chugging along. Although I managed to catch a show in PEI and in Nova Scotia, I missed many, many great songs that bands released – so let’s catch up. If you heard this song already, great!, listen again! If not, let me bring you the first #whileIwasonvacation track.

This is the latest by UK duo Aquilo. You might remember we really like them, as evidenced by their track I Gave It All landing near the top of our favourite songs of 2014.

Aquilo - Good Girl via SoundCloud screen cap

The latest track is Good Girl, the kind of people I try not to date but always end up dating. The track has a different vibe from the band, and is a bit more dancey and soulful, rather than heart-crushing, dramatic pop. Both styles are excellent, and show why this band should explode. Check out Aquilo’s latest below.

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