Make Your Ears Happy! March 1, 2016 Edition

It’s March! New music keeps coming out! We keep posting the good stuff. Come and make your ears happy with 5 new tunes, including stuff from Tim Hecker, Mt. Wolf, and Gold Panda, to name a few.

Gold Panda - Time Eater

5 acts, and a massive 3 from London. And who knew this was a themed list?

Mt. Wolf – Anacrusis
Location: London, England
Select Previous Posts: Red, Hamburg, Hex, and Midnight Shallows (and an older interview with their former singer that we did)
A minimalist description: More dreamy, falsetto-led, gentle electronica from the band, who we’ve long championed.

Pr0files – Changing of the Guards
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Select Previous Posts: Call Yourself a Lover, Forgive, and Empty Hands
A minimalist description: Dreamy vocals, thick synth intro and beat, and then things kick into high gear.

Wildes – Bare
Location: London, England
A minimalist description: The moniker of singer Ella Walker, provides us with a melodic song, with great vocals, and a good vibe.

Tim Hecker – Castrati Stack
Location: Montreal, Canada
Select Previous Posts: Virginal II, and Amps, Drugs, Mellotron, to name a few
A minimalist description: The ambient noise artist returns with his latest creation, this time with spooky backing vocals.

Gold Panda – Time Eater
Location: London, England
Select Previous Posts: Thailand Chord Droner and 4
A minimalist description: The electronica artist returns with a song constructed around a pleasant and interesting melody.

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