Make Your Ears Happy! February 19, 2016 Edition

So many good songs, so little time. Check out new stuff from Frightened Rabbit and Weezer, plus a Kanye West cover by Stars. Come make your ears happy on this lovely Friday.

Weezer - White Album

Frightened Rabbit – Death Dream
Location: Selkirk, Scotland
Select Previous Posts: Holy, Radio Silence, The Woodpile, and of course our interview with the band
A minimalist description: A slow, melancholy song showing off another of the band’s strengths.

Caveman – Never Going Back
Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Select Previous Posts: Empire, Over My Head, and In the City
A minimalist description: A straightforward rocker, with great vocals, and a solid chorus

Weezer – LA Girlz
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
A minimalist description: Sure, I gave up on Weezer ages ago, as they became more gimmicky and destroyed their legacy. But this song shows they can turn back the clock – which is all most people seem to want of the band – and can produce a Blue Album / Pinkerton-era great. And yes, the song sounds a bit like No Other One (from Pinkerton).

Stars – Streetlights
Location: Montreal/Toronto, Canada
Select Previous Posts: No One is Lost, From the Night, Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It, and our interview with them (both of them!)
A minimalist description: Stars do Kanye West – need I say more?

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