Listen! Mt. Wolf – Red

Mt. Wolf is one of those rare bands that exists in my musical history. I randomly saw them play one of their first ever shows, in London, England. They absolutely blew in me away. They started to get some coverage in the blog world, which made me happy. Even better was that they were making great music, such as Midnight Shallows, Hypolight, and Life Sized Ghosts, to name a few. Then….they broke up.

Mt. Wolf - red

But now they are back! What is not clear is if singer Kate Sproule is with them. Given the fact she has sung all their other tracks, and is NOT the singer on new track Red, leads me to believe the original line up is not intact. I emailed their press rep but did not hear back at the time of writing.

That being said, Red deserves to stay on it’s own, with it’s potentially new line up. The band still has their unique brand of electro-dream folk happening, which is good to hear. Check out the latest from Mt. Wolf, and check out our interview with the band from 2013.

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1 Response

  1. Lydia says:

    I secretly hope that Kate Sproule will come back and give Mt. Wolf its strength and identity. This new track is very good but unfortunately it does not have the power it used to have when Kate was singing… But can’t we hear a girl’s voice in it ? I hope they will surprise us ! Love your blog !