Make Your Ears Happy! March 9, 2016 Edition

It’s week 2 of March, and it is once again time to make your ears happy (so stopping stabbing them with Q-tips).

M83 - Do It, Try It via YouTube screen cap

We have a playlist of 5 tracks for you to test drive. The new Frightened Rabbit tune is excellent, and heck, so are all 5 tunes. Give them a listen below.

Frightened Rabbit – Get Out
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Select Previous Posts: Many posts, such as Death Dream, Backyard Skulls, and Holy, plus our interview with the band
A minimalist description: More new stuff from the Scots, including one of the best choruses that I feel they’ve done. The song is a real good, melodic rock track.

M83 – Do It, Try It
Location: France / USA
Select Previous Posts: Midnight City, Ali & Matthias and Steve McQueen
A minimalist description: This is an interesting new direction for the band. Weird? Yes. Unlistenable? Not by any means. This synth experimental song is not what you expect to hear on the radio or at a party, but new and fresh is good.

Jean-Michel Blais – Notros (feat. Bufflo)
Location: Montreal, Canada
A minimalist description: Instrumental piano music is something that would not have excited me 10-15 years ago. But with my love of post-rock and its offshoots becoming more appealing to me, I wouldn’t have expected to be enthralled by this simple track. Give it a spin and see if you feel the same.

The Pack A.D. – So What
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A minimalist description: A straight up rock song, with a laid back chorus

Beliefs- Swooner
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A minimalist description: Slow, quiet and dreamy, and then not quiet and not as dreamy. Song evolution 101

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