10 Bands to Check Out at Canadian Music Week 2013

Canadian Music Week kicks off tomorrow, ending on Sunday, and guaranteed to be a blast (especially if I pull off the impossible and win the Music Journalist / Blogger of the Year award I’m nominated for). Like leather bondage, I’ve only dabbled in the past, but as an accredited media outlet this time around, I am diving in head first into Canadian Music Week and hoping the pool isn’t full of concrete. I don’t know what that means, but it sounds provocative.

As we scour the Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages of the bands that are playing the 31st edition of the festival, we thought we should give some pointers on a few bands that we’ve discovered. We (obviously?) don’t know all the bands that are playing, and will hopefully discover many new bands during the week, but here are our initial thoughts on some bands that you might want to check out. Some obvious ones (hello, Rihanna!!!) as well a mix of acts you might not know unless your neighbour is in the band.

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Foam Lake (from Saskatoon) – Playing the Alberta/Sask Showcase, Friday March 22 @ 12:00AM at Gladstone Hotel; and Crunchy Frog Showcase Wednesday March 20 @ 9:00PM at The Garrison.

The Zolas (from Vancouver) – check out our interview with them, and catch them at the CMF Showcase, Friday March 22 @ 8:30PM at Horseshoe Tavern and TFA Showcase, Thursday March 21 @ 10:00PM at the Rivoli

CHVCRCHES (from Glasgow, which ain’t in Canada) – Playing Wednesday March 20 @ 10:00PM at Virgin Mobile Mod Club

Austra (from Toronto) – Playing Saturday March 23 at Danforth Music Hall

Papermaps (from Toronto) – Playing CMF Showcase, Saturday March 23 @ 11:00PM at Rancho Relaxo and CMF Acoustic Sessions, Thursday March 21 @ 11:30PM at Shanghai Cowgirl

White Ash Falls (from Vancouver) – Playing CMF Showcase, Friday March 22 @ 8:00PM at Cameron House – Backroom and TAG Showcase, Friday March 22 @ 10:00PM at Supermarket

Inlet Sound (from Toronto) – Playing Nu Music Nite, Tuesday March 19 @ 10:20PM at Horseshoe Tavern

The BB Guns (from Toronto) – Playing NeXT-PopMontreal @ CMW, Friday March 22 @ 2:00AM at Silver Dollar

Poor Young Things (from Toronto) – Playing CMF Showcase, Thursday March 21 @ 10:10PM at Horseshoe Tavern

Nuela Charles (from Edmonton) – Playing the CMF Showcase, Wednesday March 20 @ 11:30PM at El Mocambo (Upstairs); and Alberta/Sask Showcase, Friday March 22 @ 9:00PM at Gladstone Hotel

Check out the CMW poster of marquee performers below, to perhaps compliment the PeteHatesMusic suggestions above.


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