Morning Music Notes – People Like Eminem, Even When He’s Doing Nothing

Cashing in on Tickets for The Who, 33 Years Later

As reported (if you can call it that) on this blog, fans who still had their original 1979 tickets to see The Who play in Rhode Island could redeem them for a free ticket for their current tour date in Rhode Island. I don’t even have my birthday cards from this year (mainly because I received none), so I doubt I would have anything from 33 years ago. It turns out a whopping ten people redeemed their tickets and will get to see the Who’s upcoming February 26, 2013 show (via Yahoo). The original tickets cost $11.50, whereas current tickets range from $72 to $143 (you do realize that 2 of the original members are dead, don’t you?!). Using an inflation calculator, it seems that the $11.50 ticket would cost $36.35 now, so the fans win! Well, 10 do, and they get to see the Who about 33 years after they actually probably care to. But they win!

Eminem is Really Fucking Popular on Facebook, Much Like Me

Eminem hasn’t done too much lately, but that hasn’t stopped him from raking in the Facebook fan page Likes. Marshall Mathers became the first person on Facebook to pass 60 million page Likes (via Daily Dot). Somehow, he is gaining an astonishing 27,000 Likes per day, and even gained 180,000 Facebook Likes in the last week. He hasn’t even been in the news – how is this even possible? If you check out his Facebook page, he’s not even updating it! Well, not counting a random discount code for his online store. What’s he doing these days? Well, his Facebook page sure as hell won’t tell me.

Tony Sly from No Use for a Name Has Died

Tony Sly, the singer and lead guitarist for No Use for a Name, has died at the age of 41 (via Pitchfork). No name cause has been given for his death. The punk band are from San Jose, California, and started in the late 80s.

Find and Stream the New Yeasayer Album

Everyone loves a scavenger hunt, don’t they? Rhetorical question, I think, but I’m going to tell you that you do in fact like them. This is good news for fans of Yeasayer, as the band have posted all the songs from upcoming release, Fragrant World, as private videos on YouTube. As noted in a fan newsletter:

“We have received a message that we are on the verge of embargoed information being leaked through the cracks of the digital universe. Once again an attempt to tell the story before our mouths can spit. In order to have the edge we have created PSCYVOTV standing for PREEMPTIVE SELF-COMMISSIONED YEASAYER VORSTELLUNG or TRACK VISUALIZER.

Using the talents of Yoshi Sodeoka we have created a moving visual for every song on our new album FRAGRANT WORLD and have hidden them all over the internet. The visuals will live on the web until Friday Aug. 3, at 8pm EST. You’ll have a few days to find, listen, and most importantly, hear the album from our hands first. At 8pm sharp PSCYVOTV will be removed.”

Through the diligent work of their readers, Consequence of Sound have tracked down all of the 11 tracks. Go there to find out the links, but I’ll throw one bone your way – opening track, Fingers Never Bleed.

Yeasayer – Fingers Never Bleed

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