Watch! Django Django – WOR

Django Django have a new video for WOR. This is interesting, since they already have a video for WOR. As Dave Maclean told us in our interview with Django Django, “I’m not mad keen on the ones we have done ourselves (Default and Wor). Wor was made as a bit of a joke, it was tongue in cheek. But I find it hard to watch now!”. So, we get a new video for WOR.

Django Django - -WOR- (Official Video) - YouTube screen cap

The band commissioned Noisey to make a video, and they stated on YouTube “Mercury music prize nominees Django Django became obsessed by the infamous Indian Well of Death riders in Allahabad. So, naturally, they asked Noisey if we’d be up for travelling over to India and standing right in the middle of large lumps of precariously speeding metal for a day, to film a video for their track “Wor”. We happily obliged, getting our shoes stolen in the process, but it was worth it to meet a bunch of guys with the most rock solid testicles we’ve ever come across.”

Clearly Noisey haven’t come across my testicles. Um, moving on… check out the video for the hyper track, typical of your average wacky and catchy Django Django song, down below.

Django Django – WOR

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