How Did This Happen?! I’m Nominated for Music Journalist / Blogger of the Year for the 2013 Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards!

Canadian Music Week (March 19-24, which is NOT a full week by my calendar) kicks off in three short weeks, with a whole whack of events, such as the Canadian Music Fest, a film festival, a comedy festival, a massive conference, a trade show, and some awards shows. Essentially, the Canadian Music industry gets drunk for 6 days.

On the final day of Canadian Music Week the Prism Prize will announce the winner of its inaugural award for Best Canadian Music Video. As one of the jurors, I’m excited to have all of the 10 shortlisted videos screened at the exclusive Soho House, as well as getting kicked out of the exclusive Soho House for being ‘that guy’.

Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards - 2013 Canadian Music Week • March 20-24, 2013 screen cap

I have also just found out that I have been nominated for Music Journalist / Blogger of the Year in the Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards! To say that I am floored, stunned, and honoured (all at once) is a massive understatement. Thanks for the nominations – you will be getting an erotic Christmas card from me this year.

It’s great that Canada’s music industry is progressive enough to include lowly bloggers in this category – we’re people, too! We just happen to live in our parents’ basements. The nomination criteria for the category notes “In order to be considered for final nomination in this category, nominator must take into consideration the journalist’s overall music coverage as well as support of Canadian talent during the eligibility period.” I guess those cats featured in all the hilarious cat videos we post are Canadian after all.

I have read many articles by some of the other nominees, such as Ben Rayner (Toronto Star), Jane Stevenson (Toronto Sun), Karen Bliss (Billboard, Rolling Stone), and Frank Yang (Chromewaves), to name a few. Since it is widely known that they all kick ass, to be mentioned as a peer with them is a high honour. The awards gala is Thursday March 21 at the Kool Haus, and hopefully I don’t have to sneak in through a back door to witness my crushing defeat, but I’m prepared to.

That being said, any online or print music magazines or papers looking for a freelance writer, email me since I’m apparently one of Canada’s best*.

*Note: Oh, I’m supposed to write something next to this asterisk?

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