Morning Music Notes – Boring You With News From the Grammys

So the Grammys Were Last Night…

The Grammy Awards took place last night in Los Angeles. There were lots of performances, a few stand out moments, and even time for a few awards. I won’t rehash all of the winners – here is the full winners list – but The Black Keys, Fun., and Mumford & Sons all did very well.

Album of the Year went to Mumford & Sons, Record of the Year to Goyte featuring Kimbra, Song of the Year and Best New Artist to Fun., and Sir Paul McCartney even managed to knick a Grammy, too (hint: not Best New Artist).

Remember that Frank Ocean / Chris Brown altercation not too long ago? Well Chris Frown lost out on an award to Frank Ocean, and was the only one not giving him a standing ovation. Douche bag!

There were some tributes, such as one to Dave Brubeck, one to Bob Marley (which featured a lot of non-Marley tracks), and at the end, a tribute to hip hop / MCA of the Beastie Boys. The super group who played at the end were Grammy host LL Cool J, Travis Barker, Chuck D, Tom Morello, and DJ Z-Trip, and they had a short nod to the departed MCA in their tune. Check it out below (it’s slightly cut off).

We have a whack of videos below courtesy of Mr. World Premiere. Check out the Black Keys spin on Lonely Boy – very impressive stuff.

The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

TBKeys by yardie4lifever2

Miguel and Wiz Khalifa – Adorn

mig&wiz by yardie4lifever2

Jack White

Jack White – Love Interruption & Freedom At 21… by IdolxMuzic

LL Cool J, Chuck D, Tom Morello, Travis Barker, DJ Z-Trip

LL by yardie4lifever2

NON-GRAMMY NEWS! Justin Timberlake is Bud Light Platinum’s Creative Director – Anything This Guy Can’t Do?

Justin Timberlake, singer, actor, ex-boyfriend owner of Myspace, basically a guy who has everything can now add creative director of Bud Light Platinum to his resume (via Hollywood Reporter). I don’t know how difficult it is to be a creative director for a beer company, but damn – I’m not very jealous! JT was in a one minute ad during the Grammys last night (okay I lied, this is somewhat Grammy-related).

“Bud Light Platinum brings a refined, discerning aesthetic to beer that plays well with what I’m doing,” Timberlake said in a statement. “I’m looking forward to not only being a part of the creative process, but in bringing other talented musicians to the forefront as well.” Well, that sounds like a generic pile of horseshit. And it’s Bud Light – are you trying to make watered down music?

Eminem Album Due Post-Memorial Day, So Any Time in the Future of this Planet

Eminem tipped his hat – literally – and revealed that he is releasing an album in 2013. The latest news we have that the album will be out after Memorial Day (sometime in May – I don’t pay attention to US holidays), which narrows it down to 6.5 months (via Hollywood Reporter). This is news folks!

Shady Records President Paul Rosenberg helps narrow it down, noting “It’s safe to say that it will be post-Memorial Day at some point, but we’re not exactly sure when. We’ve got some dates locked in for him to perform live in Europe in August, so we’re trying to see what else lines up.” Oh, I lied when I said he narrowed it down.

Toni Braxton Retires from Music – Apparently She Hadn’t Already

Just a simple statement – Toni Braxton will not make any more music (via NME). This announcement is apparently from 2013 and not 1996.

Beck Covers David Bowie for Lincoln Car Commercial

Scientology and cars, together at last. Beck hasn’t released a proper album in awhile (sheet music doesn’t count). He’s getting there, and here’s proof – he’s re-imagined David Bowie’s track Sound and Vision for a Lincoln car commercial. It is part of Lincoln’s Hello, Again ad campaign (via Pitchfork).

Beck Reimagines Bowie's -Sound and Vision- - YouTube screen cap

The track was played live by Beck and 160+ other musicians in Los Angeles’ Fox Studios. The conductor? Beck’s dad – David Campbell. Free cars for the whole family! Beck played in the middle of the audience, in a U2-360-esque setting. Check out the video below.

Beck – Sound and Vision (original: David Bowie)

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  1. Klaatu says:

    Is that Frank Ocean standing O photo for real? He looks REALLY badly photoshopped onto it.

  2. pete says:

    As far as I know, it’s real. I think the image looks weird since it’s a screen capture from the TV and not a press photo from the event