Watch! Elsie – London Town

I’ve never heard of pop singer Elsie before I did a post on her previous video, How to Handle A Sex Pest. This video was sort of cool, as it was a choose your own adventure video on YouTube (much like what The Cribs just did for Glitters Like Gold).

Well, I guess Elsie is sensitive to comments (you’re in the wrong profession, honey) and her latest video pokes fun at some of the sexiest people on the planet – bloggers. This video is also a choose your own adventure style video, so despite the fact I think her music is average, I will spend some time with her videos. The first 5 seconds shows that Elsie hasn’t improved her dancing skills since her last video. Give me a ring, and I’ll show you how to dance (perhaps even more poorly). One of the choices has you launching a blog (which is a terrible decision that no one should undertake – unless you like anonymously making fun of other people to make yourself feel better).

Unlike the Cribs video, which plays seamlessly and opens each interactive YouTube click in a new window, the Elsie video constantly has the song interrupted. This is good if your attention span is only 45 seconds, which perhaps isn’t a stretch. Also, the path I chose didn’t complete the song. If you think I’m going to listen to this song for 10 minutes to complete the video, you’re kidding yourself. Anyway, if you like average songs but innovative videos, check out the latest Elsie offering below.

Elsie – London Town

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4 Responses

  1. Elsie says:

    Awwww Pete… x

  2. Fiona says:

    What’s an “average” song?
    Why have you decided to be a blogger?
    Why listen to music if you hate it?

  3. pete says:

    Not sure if that’s actually Elsie that commented, but cool if so, especially since I called her song “average” – but your videos are awesome!

    As for Fiona, the “hating music” is sarcastic, but thanks for coming out. I’m not huge into pop music, but I could see the song having an audience. However, I am not part of that audience. But top marks to Elsie for another cracking video.

    We blog about all things innovative and interesting in music, as well as songs that we like. This song falls into the former catalogue. Why do I blog? Because that’s what people without talent do.

    • Elsie says:

      Yep, it’s me! New artists doing it all themselves search out EVERY blog written about them!!!!! Only way to show your fans other people are (not!) appreciating what you do.
      Glad you like the video and thanks for sharing with your readers..
      Here’s another song I did for 1TakeTV you may prefer (apologies for the youtube advert before it, I can’t stop them doing that!).
      Not asking you to critique it!!!! Thanks again. x