Spoof Video Depicts Facebook’s Timeline as a Disease (Which It Is, Right?)

Have you switched over to Facebook’s Timeline yet? Are you on Facebook yet would perhaps me the more prudent leading question. Anyway, Facebook users pretty much despise the Facebook Timeline profile feature, which takes the neat and tidy previous Facebook layout and makes some weird, hard to read, chronological ordering of your life on Facebook. Rather than bitch about Timeline, a group of people decided to make a video about it, in which they bitch about Timeline.

The video plays out as if Timeline were a disease that you can catch, ruining your life. So far, so accurate. The video spoofs a Valtrex ad, which is a commercial for a drug that treats genital herpes which I knew nothing about until I just read about it (via Digital Trends). See, I even provided a link, not my Doctor’s phone number. He’s even not technically my doctor, he’s more of a walk-in clinic kind of guy. Enough putting my foot in my mouth – watch the parody below.

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