Watch! The Cribs – Glitters Like Gold

Back when television had music channels, and these music channels showed music videos, there was a show called Pop Up Video. The show was a bit corny but was a guilty pleasure of mine. It was sort of like the DVD commentary for movies, but people actually watched this. A music video would play, and facts about the video or the band would pop up in bubbles, some informative, some comical. The Cribs have decided to take this blast from the past and make their video for Glitters Like Gold with the Pop Up Video treatment already applied to it.

But it’s much cooler than that. It’s an interactive video, so when you click the pop up facts, it’ll take you to a new video, such as Gary going for a walk, or Ross making a sandwich. Exciting viewing, I know, but innovative. Check out the video for Glitters Like Gold, lifted from In The Belly of the Brazen Bull, which is out now.

The Cribs – Glitters Like Gold

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  1. 2012/05/31

    […] I’ve never heard of pop singer Elsie before I did a post on her previous video, How to Handle A Sex Pest. This video was sort of cool, as it was a choose your own adventure video on YouTube (much like what The Cribs just did for Glitters Like Gold). […]