Morning Music Notes – You Chose FM and Not AM?

Justin Vernon is all over the place when he’s not in Bon Iver. Besides helping Kanye West on a couple of albums, he has a side project called Volcano Choir. They release their second album on September 3, and you can now hear the first track Byegone. The string-backed track has a video that features lots of non-environmentally friendly light bulbs. Check it out below.

Volcano Choir – Byegone

Morning Music Notes

Since I don’t talk about Toronto radio enough, here’s not one but two stories making the rounds. The first is that Toronto’s first indie music station, Indie 88.1, will finally launch next Wednesday at noon. Pop over to their website to give your musical input.

For those who listen to the formerly decent but now overplayed top 40 rock song station, 102.1 The Edge – you might have noticed that something is different in the morning. Long time side kick Todd Shapiro is no longer on the Dean Blundell morning show, possibly due to his recent reprimand by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council. Or possibly because he’s a sleaze bag (via Toronto Star)

There’s an app for everything, isn’t there (except for successfully getting me a social life). Pearl Jam announced a new app which acts as an extension of their Ten Fan Club (via Rolling Stone)

This would’ve been a good idea for Valentine’s Day – The Beatles’ Love Me Do single is being re-issued on a heart shaped vinyl (via Exclaim)

The Beatles - Love Me Do vinyl

Madison Square Gardens has 10 years to find a new home. The 45 year old building will have to move for the 5th time since 1879 (via New York Times)

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