Watch! 2:54 – Creeping

British sister act, 2:54, released their debut album this week. We’ve seen the video for You’re Early, now we can watch the 4:52 video for 2:54’s song, Creeping (yes, I stole that observation from a YouTube commenter). The video shows the band hanging out where I typically either bathe or wake up drunk – some dodgy looking swamp. Watch their new video below, or hope my first sentence’s mention of sister act inspires you to dust off the old Whoopi Goldberg movies from your collection and watch them, too. I’m guessing time wasn’t too kind to those movies.

2:54 – Creeping

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  1. 2012/09/11

    […] people just aren’t there to see you. Despite a few solid songs (like You’re Early, Creeping, and Sugar), the crowd wasn’t overly receptive. The volume was a bit too quiet, especially […]