Watch! 2:54 – You’re Early

Last month, we let you listen to British band 2:54, and their new song, You’re Early. Said song now has a video, so we can let you watch it, too. The video oddly reminds me of the foggy scene in Goldeneye (minus the gun shots and interesting stuff). So basically, it reminds me of fog. Yup, that’s my brilliant insight on this post.

2:54 – You’re Early

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3 Responses

  1. 2012/05/02

    […] name like that what your first interview question will likely be for the next 3 years. We featured the British band’s video for You’re Early back in March, and now they have a new song for us to hear. You should make your ears happy and […]

  2. 2012/05/29

    […] sister act, 2:54, released their debut album this week. We’ve seen the video for You’re Early, now we can watch the 4:52 video for 2:54′s song, Creeping (yes, I stole that observation […]

  3. 2012/09/11

    […] band faces – people just aren’t there to see you. Despite a few solid songs (like You’re Early, Creeping, and Sugar), the crowd wasn’t overly receptive. The volume was a bit too quiet, […]