Join Metric in a Scavenger Hunt With An Early Synthetica Album Stream as the Prize

Metric are about to drop Synthetica on us next month. They’ve been peppering us with previews, from Youth Without Youth to Speed the Collapse. Next, they will be peppering us with clues, for your very own scavenger hunt! From Metric’s website:


Join Metric fans across the world in a search for six unique clues to unlock an early stream of Synthetica. These clues might appear anywhere and everywhere along the information super highway – from right here on to your dentist’s website, to an ad on your favorite music blog. Keep your eyes peeled, happy hunting, and feel free to band together on Facebook, Twitter, or in our Forum to collaborate.

Once you get started, you will see: Enter each clue’s keyword into the corresponding image and press the submit button to check your answers. You can enter and submit up to 6 at a time. Need a hint?

The hint is this lovely picture:

metric hint #1 (via

Destination? Oh, a giant cube in the ocean

What do you get if you figure this out? You can stream the album ahead of its June 12 release date. Oh naive Metric – this is the Internet – we all already have your new album! The band are also playing a release day gig at the Opera House in Toronto. I caught their release gig for their last album, Fantasies, so I highly suggest you follow them on Twitter and Like their FB page so that you can get tickets.

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    […] is the scavenger hunt over? As I understood it, the point of the Metric Synthetica scavenger hunt was to unlock an album […]