Morning Music Notes – Majical Ice Picks

After releasing one of the better albums in 2013, Majical Cloudz have let another gem out of the studio and onto the Internet. They’ve been playing it live throughout the year, even though it didn’t show up on this year’s Impersonator. The track is called Savage (named after the Macho Man Randy?) and is a delicate song with a lengthy description.

Majical Cloudz
“I think it’s important to explain a song a little bit, but not too much. The song is written about a specific set of circumstances and experiences, and Matt and I did such-and-such when we recorded it, but ultimately what the song is ‘about’ is less important than how and why it is meaningful for you when you listen to it. Explaining too much about the details of the song is not the point, so I won’t.”

“Savage” is about a friendship, it’s mysteries and it’s moments of excitement, and the way drugs played into all of it. It’s about letting go of a relationship as it changes and the emotions that go along with that. The song was originally a lot more minimal, just piano loops and bass. As we played it live it evolved a little bit, Matt started incorporating reverb swells and exploring the ways those could be used (along with a number of other additions) to create dynamics in the song.”

I can’t give you any more insight than that, so take a listen below.

Morning Music Notes
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Yesterday was chalk full of headlines that contained two things: the word Outkast and the sentence ending in a question mark. Those question marks have been removed – Outkast are reuniting for live shows in 2014. However, it doesn’t appear the band have said anything official, so maybe those question marks should return? (via Consequence of Sound)

Who DJ’ed Arcade Fire’s London, UK gig in a skeleton outfit? Why, Coldplay’s Chris Martin did! (via Gigwise)

U2’s Spiderman musical was hit with delay after delay, rewrite after rewrite. The most expensive musical in Broadway history is set to close due to lack of success. Rumours of a 2015 reappearance of Las Vegas are floating around (LIKE SPIDERMAN). Maybe it should be the opening act of the band’s next tour? (via Gigwise)

Magician David Blaine is up to his old (or is that new?) tricks. As part of an upcoming TV special, he roped in some famous people like Will Smith, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, and even Kanye West. The trick on display is Blaine putting a small ice pick through his hand. How do the people react? As one might expect – great to see Kanye drop his guard and appear slightly human. Watch the magic below.

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