Morning Music Notes – The First U.K. Band To Debut at Number 1 on Billboard Are…..

Osheaga 2012 Line Up Announced for Montreal Festival

Osheaga, also known as “The festival with the exact same dates as Chicago’s Lollapalooza”, has announced their line up for this August 3-5. Taking place in Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal, the line up will feature The Black Keys, Justice, Metric, Snoop Dogg, Feist, and Sigur Rós as the headliners. Also on the strong bill are Florence + the Machine, City and Colour, The Shins, MGMT, M83, Franz Ferdinand, Garbage, The Weeknd, Bloc Party, Passion Pit, Bombay Bicycle Club, Austra, The Jezabels, and more more more (which is not a band name – yet).

Tickets are on sale this Friday, March 23, so head over to the website to read the details I don’t feel like giving you.

The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine Restored for DVD

The Beatles apparently need more money, and what better way to get some by re-releasing stuff from the 1960s? The animated classic (you legally have to use the word classic when talking about the Beatles) Yellow Submarine had a frame by frame cleaning, and is set for re-release on DVD (via Hollywood Reporter).

Pixar studios chief John Lasseter said the film was an inspiration to him: “As a fan of animation and as a film-maker, I tip my hat to the artists of Yellow Submarine,” Lasseter said. “[Their] revolutionary work helped pave the way for the fantastically diverse world of animation that we all enjoy today.”

When 2 of the Beatles of dead, good and relevant quotes are hard to come by.

Shitty Pop Band, One Direction, are the First UK Act to Debut at #1 on Billboard Charts? Unbelievable (in the bad sense of the word)

I have to admit, I had no idea who One Direction were until I moved to the UK. Thankfully, I don’t listen to stations that play that kind of manufactured boy band crap, but I came across some of their videos and can tell you – they will never feature on this site. But hey, give credit where credit is due (sort of) – they are the FIRST UK band to have their debut album at number 1 in the Billboard charts (via – yup – Billboard). The closest another Brit band came was via another manufactured pop act, the Spice Girls, who hit number 6 before moving on up to #1.

One Direction are from the 2010 edition of U.K.’s X Factor TV show, and features Harry Styles (among others), who was in the same small town English pub as me on Christmas Eve 3 months ago – I shit you not. I thought all the girls running around the town and outside the pub were fans of PeteHatesMusic, but my cousin informed me that Harry Styles was in the building. I made sure I enjoyed ever sip of beer in front of him, since he’s under age and couldn’t drink. Your money can’t buy you drinks in pubs, Harry!

Darko Milicic Gives His Verdict on LMFAO

Serbian NBA player, Darko Milicic, is featured in the latest of the somewhat strange ads that the Minnesota Timberwolves’ media team has released. This one features Donnie Darko listening to Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, and giving his verdict on it. This sells basketball tickets how? Check out what Darko thinks (via The Score).

Listen! Beck – Looking for a Sign

Everyone’s favourite Loser, Beck, has a new song featured on the movie soundtrack for Jeff Who Lives At Home. How about a new album, Beck – we miss ya! The indie film stars Jason Segel and Ed Helms, and gets a Beck song to boot. Listen to the track below.

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