CMW Critical Conclusions for: Dentist

After a pause to watch Game 4 between the Leafs and Capitals (let’s not talk about the disappointing result), the second band on my bill for a Wednesday night Canadian Music Week show was Dentist from New Jersey.

Dentist at the Monarch Tavern (Copyright: PeteHatesMusic)

Dentist at the Monarch Tavern (Copyright: PeteHatesMusic)

First Impressions: Tight sound with a good mix. They came to play, and showed real intent.

Stage Presence: Bopped along to their tracks. Also commented on how polite Canadians are, which I’ve never heard before?!

Crowd Reaction: Canadian politely danced and swayed, as they apparently do. In response to singer Emily Bornemann’s Canadian politeness comment, someone started the “Sorry wave” in the crowd, in which the back of the room jokingly said sorry, and people repeated the joke all the way to the front of the crowd. Well done.

Last Word: A nice combination of indie pop, sweet vocals, mixed with thrashing punk songs. Not always overly catchy, but it didn’t have to be. 7/10

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