CMW Critical Conclusions for: Goodbye Honolulu

My Wednesday night Canadian Music Week gigfest continued with the band known as Goodbye Honolulu, also playing at Monarch Tavern, convenient for some delicious Bitondo’s Pizza after the show. Well, it would’ve been, had the place not closed at 11pm! So sad.

Goodbye Honolulu at Monarch Tavern (Copyright: PeteHatesMusic)

Goodbye Honolulu at Monarch Tavern (Copyright: PeteHatesMusic)

First Impressions: So they’re really young, right?! Or I’m just really old Good energy for a late night set.

Stage Presence: See above – fun loving and high energy. How can you not like the Batman t-shirt with cowboy hat look? Now that is a crossover movie waiting to happy – you hear me, Christopher Nolan? I do like how the one singer with the red three stripe Adidas jacket took it off to reveal a t-shirt with two stripes. Stripes are in.

Crowd Reaction: It was the biggest crowd at the venue tonight, and had the crowd dancing along at times.

Last Word: The songs morphed from fast to slow, loud to mellow, and were generally well received. The band had a three-pronged attack with vocalists, with some much stronger than others, unfortunately. While three different singers is admirable, it didn’t anyways result in the best songs. The set as a whole offered moments of some really good stuff, but as a complete package, I was left wanting a little more in terms of song quality. I think they have it in them, but need to play more to their strengths. Overall, a good time. 6.5/10

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