CMW Critical Conclusions for: The Zolas

Vancouver group The Zolas took the stage as the second band at the Indies last night, as part of CMW2016. Check out what we thought below (and heck, check out our 2012 interview with the band).


Venue: The Phoenix

First Impressions: They were introduced by the phrase “If dance grunge ever becomes a thing, they will be kings.” Isn’t that a bit of a backhanded compliment? The backing song to this introduction was the first song the Zolas ended up playing. Why the backing song? Failure all around!

Stage Presence: Singer Zachary Gray moves his hands around like rapper, which is interesting compared with the music they are singing.

Crowd Reaction: Generally receptive. They partook with some good clap alongs, which the band commented on.

Random Observation: I must say, Zach’s pink striped jacket grew on me.

Last Word: The band have subtly changed directions, getting into funkier and groovier songs, compared with their indie pop and rock of the past. The vocals were sharp, and they exhibited some good falsetto. Of note is that Swooner sounds a lot like Big Bang Baby from Stone Temple Pilots, from the intro to the chorus. Overall, good grooves, simple songs. 8/10

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