CMW Critical Conclusions for: Basement Revolver

I missed night 1 of Canadian Music Week 2017 – but who cares, as Wednesday is the new Tuesday (or something like that). So this is my night 1, and I kicked it off right, checking out Basement Revolver (and missing the first period of my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs). Was it worth it? (Well, I missed a 4-1 Washington first period, so I definitely chose correctly).

Basement Revolver at Smiling Buddha (Copyright: PeteHatesMusic)

Basement Revolver at Smiling Buddha (Copyright: PeteHatesMusic)

Venue: Smiling Buddha

First Impressions: Ah, Canadian Music Week and its cool, small bars – where the bartender is also the sound guy. I selfishly wanted a bloody drink, but had to wait through sound check. My alcoholism aside, let’s talk quickly about the band’s first impressions. They had quiet vocals on the first song, perhaps due to the mix or perhaps due to some nerves, but more confident as the performance went on.

Stage Presence: Nice and chatty between songs, and standard musicianship during the songs. The best bit of banter was when singer Chrisy Hurn asked if anyone in the crowd was from their hometown of Hamilton. No one was, and she noted “Then this song isn’t for you!” as they played Lake, Steel, Oil.

Crowd Reaction: Hurn wanted things to be snugly, and asked the crowd to come closer, and thankfully they obliged, as some of these long and narrow venues can be soul-sucking for bands and the gap to the fans. The crowd was more noticable and pleasant as it filled in as the set progressed. No random fights broke out because hey, this isn’t Hamilton.

Last Word: It was a good set, with a good sound that the crowd (and this reviewer) enjoyed. Their songs and vibe are sometimes simplistic, but in a good way. While some of the “heavier” songs didn’t resonate, they can go toe to toe with a lot of bands with their tunes Johnny and Lake, Steel, Oil. 7.5/10

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