Make Your Ears Happy! January 17, 2016 Edition

In this edition of Make Your Ears Happy, we bring you new stuff from some instrumental / post-rock giants, with new tracks from Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai. Toronto indie darling Basia Bulat has another new tune, too. Listen to our playlist below.


Explosions in the Sky – Disintegration Anxiety
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Select Previous Posts: Our lovely interview, of course, and Wading (with David Wingo), and Join Me on my Avalanche (with David Wingo)
A minimalist description: 4 minutes of ambient yet aggressive instrumental rock from some of the best in the business

Mogwai – U-235
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Select Previous Posts: Teenage Exorcists, The Lord is Out of Control, and Wizard Motor
A minimalist description: Slow, haunting, and beautiful stuff from the instrumental wizards

Basia Bulat – Fool
Location: Toronto, Canada
Select Previous Posts: Infamous, Wires, Promise Not To Think About Love, and oh yeah, our interview with her
A minimalist description: Catchy pop from the indie folk pop singer. A really good tune

Porches – Be Apart
Location: New York, New York, USA
A minimalist description: Synth pop and seemingly simple yet catchy

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