Needed: Team Spirit to Open the Electronically Locked Beer Fridge (Plus a Mini Beer Destroying Cannon)

There’s no motivation better than sex beer, right? Those of you in the working world know that isn’t many things worse than doing those terrible weekly time sheets. But what if you were motivated by something other than your paycheque (which your company can’t really take away, anyway). What if, when your entire company submitted their time sheets on time, an electronically-locked beer fridge became unlocked, and then you could all drink free beer to kick off your weekend. Now this is a company that I want to work for! This actually exists, and it’s the Drink Time Sheet (how original!), and is at the Brazilian Marketing firm, Casa (via Crave UK). Personally, I like the beer fridges where I can just open it whenever I want and drink 10 beers, but hey, free beer at work is always awesome. Check out the video below.

Another impractical beer drinking idea – a tiny cannon that “opens” beer bottles for you. It’s called the Pocket Artillery mini cannon, and no, that’s not a euphemism. Perhaps the sales would increase if it were used for a more practical purpose, like shooting the people who haven’t done their timesheet. See how I connected the 2 posts? If you’re looking for some more fire power in your pant pockets, you can buy it for $29.00 plus shipping and handling.

(via Technabob)

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  1. 2012/05/30

    […] forget crying over spilled milk, beer is what you should be crying over. We previously showed you a pocket cannon that obliterated a beer bottle for no real reason. We also showed you the awesome old man who opened a beer with a chainsaw. We […]