Morning Music Notes: Pay Per View Rap Battle?

In their words, we will “Witness the birth of the next great American sports league.” Eminem will host the first in a series of Pay-Per-View rap battles, called “Total Slaughter” and airing on July 12. The event promises to bring some of the best rap-battlers in the USA together in an MMA-style event.

Royce Da 5’9: “They thought [MMA fighters] were bar-brawlers and cab-drivers, they didn’t realize how much technical skill went into it until somebody put that on a platform. This is the exact same vision that we all see in these guys. These guys are gladiators.”

I would pay-per-view if Weird Al was invited.

Morning Music Notes

The one thing I can DEFINITELY predict about this years World Cup Finals: all of the players are going home with several different brands of free headphones. FIFA has banned everyone but Sony from appearing at this year’s global sports gathering, after Beats By Dre Guerrilla-ed the SHIT out of Panasonic by sending thousands of free headphones to athletes at the last Olympics (Panasonic was the official sponsor). Read more via SPIN…

Yesterday, Li’l Wayne announced that he would release 9 albums (9 albums… 9!) over the next 2 years. 9.

Much more important to everything than anything we’ve talked about above… was songwriter Gerry Goffin, who died yesterday. You owe it to Gerry to listen to some of his best.

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  1. Millar says:

    Up On The Roof by Goffin/King is a classic.