Morning Music Notes – Art vs. Annoyance

In May, we posted a track by Manchester female rock band PINS and their track Stay True. The band have another rock song with some attitude, in their track called Get With Me. I love it when girls tell me to get with them. Too bad it never happens.

PINS have announced the release date of their debut album. Girls Like Us will be out September 30 / October 1. Check out Get with Me below.

Morning Music Notes

Justin Timberlake is following up his optometry visit and recent album, The 20/20 Experience, with a new single called Take Back the Night. This will presumably be off of a new album, as his video teaser alluded to. Maybe if the words weren’t blurred out in the video, we’d have some news to report.

First, the National played the same song for six hours. Yesterday, rapper Jay-Z did the same thing for the sake of art, playing Picasso Baby at Pace Gallery in New York. A small audience was invited, too, including Judd Apatow, Wale, and some other random people. Apparently that Jay-Z guy isn’t a big draw (via The Guardian)

Nirvana is getting another 20th anniversary special edition. A couple of years ago it was for Nevermind. This year, it’s for the 1993 album In Utero. The best (and weirdest) part of the news? The archival footage of the band “giving birth”.

Nirvana – In Utero – 20th Anniversary

J. Cole pulled off a rare feat and had his album hit number 1 on the charts after not debuting there. This has only happened 76 times in the history of Billboard, and sees Kanye West getting knocked off of his Yeezus cross (via Yahoo)

Pretty sure everyone saw this coming, but Daft Punk now have a Get Lucky condom. It took longer than expected (that’s not what she said) but Durex are manufacturing them. One stipulation – you have to wear a robot helmet when having sex for the condoms to be fully effective (via NME)

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