Morning Music Notes – Sabotaging Arnold’s Movie Soundtrack

Banks just made our Monthly Mix for May, as she put out one of the best tracks last month. And now such track has a video!

Banks - Drowning via YouTube screen cap

The video is for Drowning, off of her upcoming September 9 release Goddess. It has an interesting beat and production, with some dark, R&B vocals from the good singer. Watch it below, and note the lack of drowning-related imagery.

Banks – Drowning

Morning Music Notes

Foo Fighters have announced their new album will be out in November. As rumoured, the album was recorded in 8 studios in 8 cities. Sounds gimmicky to me, but hey, it lets them make an HBO special about it. (via Pitchfork)

And before the YouTube gatekeepers take it down, check out the fascinating 38 minute Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction video for Nirvana, including female-led Nirvana performances, which were sort of awesome.

After being on the run for almost 2 years, one of Pirate Bay’s co-founders, Peter Sunde, has been apprehended by Swedish police. The file sharing site has been targeted by Interpol and other agencies for setting up the site. The four co-founders were given a year in jail and massive fines, but had the jail time slightly reduced and the fines increase. Have fun! (via Exclaim)

Some news from the Beastie Boys trial against Monster Energy Drink. Unrelated to the trial, the band said they won’t make new music without MCA (at least under the Beastie Boys name). The band also turned down a request to use the song Sabotage in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Sabotage. Oh, I see why they tried to license it! (via Pitchfork)

Remember yesterday when I said I was hesitant to post something with the word “reportedly” in it, and said it might be fake? Well, it was! Trent Reznor is not leaving Beats Music. Told ya so (sort of). (via Billboard)

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