Morning Music Notes – Dave Grohl is Nice for a Change

Radiohead to Appear on Austin City Limits TV

Austin City Limits will be graced with Radiohead’s presence as they will record an upcoming episode (via Consequence of Sound). It would be cooler/more awkward if they recorded an episode of Whose Line is it Anyway?, don’t you think?

Foo Fighters to Record in 2012

Los Foos had quite the successful year. Dave Grohl even wrote the fans a Thank You letter. They are celebrating by going back to the studios in 2012 (via NME). And to confirm that he is the nicest man in rock, Dave Grohl has paid tribute to Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor, saying that he is our generation’s most talented musician/soundwriter/producer (via The Hollywood Reporter). Awww geez, now I’m crying.

Louie CK Cuts the Middle Man

Comedian Louis CK recently recorded one of his live comedy specials and decided to “Pull a Radiohead/Nine Inch Nails” and distribute the album/video himself. However, in a mere 3 days, when suckers like you and I are hauling in pennies, Louie CK has made $200,000 of pure, beautiful, addictive profit. Hypebot breaks down the numbers.

The Shins to Release New Album in 2012

Why are you still reading – the headline IS the story. The Shins will release their first album since 2007, in March 2012, now that singer James Mercer is done messing around with Danger Mouse (via NME). The album will be called Port of Morrows.

Get Your Head Shaved at a Concert!

In Indonesia, they don’t like you with mohawks. So much so that at a punk concert, police SHAVED THE HEADS OF CONCERT GOERS (via Billboard). Because skinheads are SO much better…

Watch! Lana Del Rey’s new video for Born to Die

You might have spent your summer listening/watching Lana Del Rey’s Video Games on loop. Now you can spend your winter with her new song and video – Born to Die. Warning: lots of fire and making out (but nothing more than your average Tuesday night Bingo Hall).

Lana Del Rey – Born to Die

[youtube Bag1gUxuU0g]

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