Morning Music Notes – 2 Billion and Counting

Rich caught Lee Fields & The Expressions in 2012 in Ottawa, and really enjoyed the show. Rich will be happy to know that the old timey R&B singer has a brand new song.

Lee Fields - Just Can't Win via YouTube screen cap

The track is the perfect Monday morning cut, and is called Just Can’t Win. Mondays, right Garfield? Add some soul to your day and check out the latest from Lee Fields. The album Emma Jean is out soon.

Lee Fields & The Expressions – Just Can’t Win

Morning Music Notes

Jack White has gone all Noel Gallagher lately and been insulting everyone under the sun, from his usual target The Black Keys, but adding in Lana Del Rey (whose new album is produced by Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys) and Adele. But Jack White took to his blog and apologized to all of these people, and wished the Black Keys the best. And here I was wishing for a celebrity boxing match.

I hate using the word ‘reportedly’ when blogging, as that usually means “a rumour that will later be proven fake”. Anyway, caveat aside – Trent Reznor is reportedly leaving Beats Music. Apple just acquired Beats for a whopping $3 billion, and Reznor has had a past beef with Apple, so maybe it is related? Maybe he had the option to resign during the buy out? Let the rumours begin. (via Stereogum)

Apparently people are still watching Gangnam Style. Like, a LOT of people. Psy’s video has just rolled over 2 BILLION views on YouTube in 17 months of existence. That means one third of the world has seen the video. Or maybe the 50 million people in South Korea have all seen it 20 times, which is probably the case. (via Billboard)

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