Morning Music Notes – Actually, You Don’t Need to Come In Today, Dre

Caribou are back! A new album called Our Love will be out October 7 in Canada (other dates in other countries), and we can now listen to the evolving first single.

Caribou - Can't Do Without You

The song is called Can’t Do Without You, which is what I tell my cat before bed every night. Unlike my cat, the song is ever-morphing, evoking several genres in its 4 minute span. Check out the grooves below.

Morning Music Notes

If you are a music fan in the USA and bought a ticket from Ticketmaster from Oct. 21, 1999 to Feb. 27, 2013, you might be entitled to a small refund. A class action lawsuit was settled, with Ticketmaster owing $400 million. Down with service charges! (via Hollywood Reporter)

Dr. Dre called into Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference and said “I hear [Apple CEO] Tim [Cook] gets in pretty early. What time should I show up for work?” You just sold your company (Beats Music) for $3 billion – you never have to work again, pal. (via NME)

You know how sometimes an opening band is totally different than the popular headliner, and this draws out the worst in crowds, and sometimes bottles? Well, I hope this doesn’t happen to the fantastic Majical Cloudz, who landed the coveted opening spot for Lorde on her upcoming tour. Devon Welsh has one scary glare at gigs, so you’ve been warned.

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