Morning Music Notes – Bring on the Mario Paint Music Festival

Remember that trend of songs getting remade by computers and computer hard drives? If it’s not already trend I’m aware of – and there are many of those – then I foresee a rise in cover songs done by Mario Paint. Mario Paint is a Super Nintendo game primarily made for doing shitty drawings. But there’s a music component to it, too.

YouTube user jeonghoon95 has covered Daft Punk’s Get Lucky in Mario Paint wasting hours he’ll never get back. This is an amazing accomplishment because Mario Paint isn’t like Garage Band, where you have shitloads of common instruments to make sounds with. You’re using cats and dogs and placing them on the sheet music. The cover is very well executed, and wait until you get to the 2 and a half minute mark to see how they replicated the robot voices.

Get Lucky – Mario Paint Composer – Daft Punk (by jeonghoon95)

Morning Music Notes

MGMT mocked their own second album. How are they following that up? By following it up with this quote from Andrew VanWyngarden “I don’t even know if it’s music we would want to listen to.” Gulp! Check out Alien Days (via Consequence of Sound)

Who is headlining famed UK festival Glastonbury next year? Apparently 3 acts who have never played there before. Bookies have Daft Punk and Fleetwood Mac as front runners, but put a bet on One Direction and Spice Girls for me. (via NME)

PeteHatesMusic interview alumni did well at the The Association of Independent Music Awards in the UK last night. Daughter won Independent Album Of The Year for If You Leave – relive our video interview with them here. Django Django won for Independent Video Of The Year for their video for WOR – check out our interview with them here.

Good news for fans of The xx – they will start a residence in my backyard recording their new album early next year. NOT SPECIFIC ENOUGH! (via Consequence of Sound)

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