Listen! MGMT – Alien Days

MGMT released the uber-popular debut album Oracular Spectacular and followed that up with the critically panned but actually rather excellent sophomore album, Congratulations. Congratulations was a bit more “out there”, and might not have had those choruses you can blare from your car to impress people that you too love Kids, but god damn it, it was a good album. As they prep their third album, we get a taste of what they might be cooking up.

MGMT Alien Days

As part of Record Store Day, the band released a cassette of Alien Days. Oh, those kooky kids. Thankfully they put it online, too, and you didn’t need a floppy disc or some ghetto modem to listen to it. The track is similar to tracks that you might’ve hated or liked on Congratulations – long and meandering, but lots of layers and things happening. Go on a sonic ride with the latest from MGMT.

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