Listen to Hard Drives Play The James Bond Theme Song

“Hard Drives” is not a band – it’s the thing that sits (probably) inside the computer in which you’re reading this very post. Oh, you’re using Google’s Project Glass? Well, I don’t care – my point is, hard drives can make music. This has been shown numerous times on this site, include a rendition of the House of the Rising Sun played by computers, Daft Punk’s Derezzed played by floppy disk drives, or the Pirates of the Caribbean theme played by 8 floppy disk drives. What does this prove? That it doesn’t take much to get featured on PeteHatesMusic.

The latest entry in a long line of useless hard drive “music” making devices is the James Bond theme, which is played across 8 hard drives. And it sounds pretty good. I’m guessing you shouldn’t shake or stir the hard drive though. Yup, that was the best Bond joke I could come up with. Try to think of a better one, while listening to the theme song below.

(via Technabob)

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