Weekend Catch Up: Battleships

Time for another edition of the “it’s supposed to be weekly, but Pete and Rich are lazy” Weekend Catch Up. We use this segment to provide you with songs that you (or more likely, I) might’ve missed and we think you need to hear right now. This week, catch up with Battleships.

Battleships - To You
The A & R Department sent me a link to their collection of indie tracks. The Marshmallow Pavement collection contains 22 artists that they have worked with over the past year and a half, including a few that we have featured, such as The Velvets and the Occupants.

This week’s band we’re featuring is Battleships and their track Coming Back to You. The track is a straight forward rock track with somewhat unique and catchy vocals. Catch up with Battleships and their track off of their album To You.

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