Morning Music Notes – Alleged Prostitute Solicitor to Release Album. Also, he’s the Prime Minister of Italy

Listen to ‘New’ Amy Winehouse and Nas Track

It was recently announced that cats cannot fly Amy Winehouse will be releasing a new album. One of the tracks will feature Nas, who recently stated that the Mr. and Mr. Jones track is about him (note: I had NO idea). Nas’ real name is Nasir Jones…but I still don’t get it. Revelations aside, Nas and Ms. Winehouse hooked up on a track called Like Smoke on the upcoming Lioness: Hidden Treasures album. You can listen to the track at

Ad-Rock to Rock Ya with…an Off Broadway Play?

Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock aka Adam Horovitz is set to score an off Broadway play in New York later this month (via NME). No word on whether all of the lines will end with 3 white rappers all saying the same word in unison.

“Gloucester Blue is a black comedy about a man who returns home after a long absence and encounters all manner of infidelities and murders.” Produced by the Barefoot Theatre Company, the performances will take place from November 16 – December 3 at the Cherry Lane Theater.”

What, no world tour, boys?! What about Hot Sauce Committee Part 1?

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Is Releasing an Album?

Do you know about Silvio Berlusconi? He is quite the unique fellow. Okay, so he is the Italian Prime Minister, which is sort of cool. He has been Prime Minister 3 different times. He has a net worth of like $8 billion. He owns the Italian powerhouse football club AC Milan. Recently, there were a series of sex scandals surrounding the 75 year old. And so on and so forth. But now, Silvio Berlusconi is releasing an album! But sadly, the album (his fourth!) has been pushed back to November 22 (via NME).

“Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has apparently delayed the release of his new album, ‘True Love’, because of his country’s financial troubles and his own trial which sees him accused of paying for sex with an alleged underage prostitute.”

One of the other musicians on the album, Angelo Valsiglio, said in an interview with Italian music magazine Viva Verdi that the record is a “really elegant and refined production with Brazilian hints”.

Coldplay – your perch at the top of Billboard is no longer safe.

New EP From the Antlers

Hopefully your travels to the record or iTunes store (or the illegal torrent world) have taken you to the Antlers stellar album, Burst Apart. Due to the recent indie success of that album, an EP of remixes, covers, you name it (barbershop doo wop?), will be compiled on an EP called (together) (via Stereogum). The EP is out on November 22, and the tracklisting is:

01 “Parentheses (PVT Remix)”
02 “Tongue Tied”
03 “French Exit (SNRF Version)”
04 “I Don’t Want Love (Peter’s Version)”
05 “VCR” (The xx Cover)
06 “Hounds” (With Nicole Atkins)
07 “Rolled Together” (With Neon Indian)
08 “Parentheses” (With Bear In Heaven)

Check out a song by the Antlers, from Burst Apart, called Parentheses.

The Antlers – Parentheses
[youtube bL_9M65Ked4]

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