Morning Music Notes: Copy of ‘Copy of A’

Nine Inch Nails released Copy of A over the weekend – a new track from their upcoming Hesitation Marks album. Much like Came Back Haunted, you want to listen to this as loud as you can right now, because it is awesome.

More Morning Music Notes:

Arctic Monkeys have released an appropriately trippy video for Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High over the weekend.

Black Flag’s legal saga continues to be an interesting read for people who love both 80’s era LA Hardcore and trademark law. There are now 2 versions of the band touring, Black Flag (Greg Ginn) and FLAG (the rest of the band – without Henry Rollins). Ginn is suing the remaining bands for trying to register the Black Flag trademark (already owned by Ginn through SST records). Via Pitchfork…

Ever been in a band? Some awesome nuggets of band wisdom from The E Street Band’s Little Steven “Van Zandt” via Yahoo Music… including a few excellent quotes on band chemistry: You want to feel you don’t need them, you never needed them, it was an aberration, it was a weird moment in your life, it was a freak incident, and now you’re getting on with your real life. Well, that’s almost never the case.

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