Morning Music Notes – From Two Words to Two Letters

Beck to Release Acoustic Album

Beck released the literally DIY album Song Reader last year, and is following that up with an acoustic album and a small tour. A press release noted “..these very special performances will feature never before heard material from an upcoming acoustic record. The record can best be described as a self-contained work, one that came in the form of a burst of inspiration following the completion of last year’s groundbreaking Song Reader sheet music album” (via Consequence of Sound). And here I was hoping for Song Reader part two, while I wait for a burst of inspiration to make the music to hear Song Reader part one.

John Williams Likely to Score Star Wars: Episode VII

It’s been a weird year for Star Wars fans. Instead of pining for future movies, they have been shocked with the news that Disney has bought the rights from George Lucas and plan to make a new film for 2015 and many years after that. Episode VII is the first one, and has landed some key players, such as J.J. Abrams to direct. Music fans want to know if John Williams will be back to cook up yet another epic score. Answer: possibility.

Abrams said at a Star Trek (boo, hiss!) press conference “Again, for Star Wars, it’s very early days, but I believe that, going forward, John Williams will be doing that film because he was there long before I was” (via Hollywood Reporter). By that logic, Jar Jar Binks should be doing the film, and we sure as hell don’t want that.

Liam Gallagher Didn’t Want to Name New Beady Eye Album BE

I figured the new Beady Eye album was called BE because it was the best ever score that singer Liam Gallagher had gotten playing Scrabble. It turns out he had the idea of “Universal Gleam” but was outvoted (via NME).

When speaking to NME, Liam said “[The title] is nothing to do with me. I wanted to call it ‘Universal Gleam’. But at Columbia [their record label], a lot of people got their knickers in a twist, putting out a record called ‘Universal Gleam’ when we’re not on [the label] Universal. So yeah, it’s ‘BE’. ‘BE’. ‘BE’ who you are. ‘BE’ whatever you fucking want to be. ‘BE’. Fucking bumble-‘BE’. I find that a bit more hippy-ish than fucking ‘Universal Gleam’.”

Pretty ridiculous that Columbia would get mad at the word ‘Universal’ in the title. If Oasis were on Universal, would they not be allowed to sign their song Columbia? How petulant. Bonus fact: ‘universal gleam’ is a lyric on first single, Flick of the Finger.

Listen! The Occupants – I’ve Been Thinking

The Occupants

The Occupants are the Gower brothers, and they have a slick new track called I’ve Been Thinking (which is a statement that I don’t say often). The track is out on Friday, and you can check out the guitar sounds in the track below.

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